The Virtual Gastric Band Programme

The Virtual Gastric Band Programme consists of an initial online assessment (45 minutes), followed by six one hour online Zoom sessions. The assessment is completely free of charge and will explain the programme, discuss your weight and health and decide if you would benefit from a Virtual Gastric Band.

Four of the six one hour hypnosis sessions are at weekly intervals, the remaining two at monthly intervals.  Over this time we will discuss your ongoing weight loss and further techniques will be introduced, tailored to your personal requirements. No two people are the same  therefore the solutions to their weight loss will differ, some clients find that snacking is the cause of weight gain, for others it is portion size, sugar addiction or eating the wrong types of food. I will use hypnotic suggestions to clear these habits and replace them with healthy new ones. Recordings (either in CD or MP3 format) will be supplied for home use, reinforcing the instructions and suggestions provided during the hypnosis session.


If you would like to book a Virtual Gastric Band course with me, the total cost for the six online Zoom sessions will be £400, the initial assessment being free of charge.